Research Scales

The LSU Listening Lab has developed or refined several research scales. We have included those scales below, and each is free to use for research purposes.  All other purposes require written consent of Graham Bodie. You can contact me from this website for that purpose!

Active-Empathic Listening Scale

Listening Concepts Inventory - Revised

Listening Style Profile - Revised

       The LSP-R has been used in several communication textbooks, replacing the older LSP-16. Here is what one set of authors have to say about the change:

We used Bodie et al.’s LSP-R in the 11th edition of Communicating at Work. Immediately we began receiving positive feedback. Instructors are telling us that in the past when using the LSP-16, nearly every student in class would  identify as a people-oriented listener. But now using the LSP-R, students in the class identify across the full-range of listening styles. The diversity identified by Bodie et al.’s new and improved scale is creating an opportunity for much more valuable class discussion about differences in listening styles
— Ronald Adler, Jeanne Elmhorst, and Kristen Lucas

The Role Category Questionnaire (RCQ)

The RCQ provides an index of interpersonal cognitive complexity (ICC), the degree to which an individual’s interpersonal construct system is relatively differentiated, abstract, and integrated. Open-ended responses must be coded, and training procedures can be found in Burleson & Waltman (1988)