The Sourcebook of Listening Research: Methodology and Measures (John Wiley & Sons)

Editors: Debra L. Worthington (Auburn University), Graham D. Bodie (LSU)

Table of Contents

Biographical Notes (An interesting book fact: There are 62 contributors NOT including the editors!)


Section One: Introduction

Chapter 1: Defining Listening:  A Historical, Theoretical and Pragmatic Assessment

Section Two: Measuring Listening


Chapter 2: Measuring Listening

Chapter 3: Qualitative Approaches and Listening Research

Chapter 4: Modeling & Measuring Cognitive Components of Listening

Chapter 5: Measuring Affective Components of Listening

Chapter 6: Measuring Behavioral Components of Listening

Section Three:  Measurement Profiles


The book will contain profiles of 65 measures and methods of measurement. For abstracts of all entries, go here; for more details, please go to the contact form here.